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Call for Articles for Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports (JOCR)

Call for Articles for Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports (JOCR)  
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Vol 2, No 2 (2): Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports. April - June 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2

Table of Contents


Case Reports and Evidence Based Medicine: Redefining the Apex of the Triangle PDF
Ashok K Shyam, Gautam M Shetty 1-2

Spine Case Report

Osteochondritis Dessicans…Primary Fixation – A case report.
Anand Galagali, Murlidhar Rao 3-6
Subchondral insufficiency fracture of femoral head: A case report and review of literature.
Sushant Dattatraya Ghate 7-9
Painful snapping and pseudowinging scapula due to a large scapular osteochondroma
Rohit Prakash Dharmadhikari 10-13
Concomitant Fracture of the Coracoid Process and the Lateral End of the Clavicle : A Case Report
Nicholas McArthur, Bijayendra Singh 14-16
Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva in a four year old child: A case report
Mayur prakash Kardile, Siddharth Nayak, Prasanta Kumar Behera, Abanikanta Mishra, Nagaraja H S 17-20
The Operative Treatment of Bipolar Clavicular Dislocation: A Case Report
Alexander Schuh, chirag thonse narayana, Thomas Schmickal, Ludwig Kleine 21-23

Technical Notes

New device for elevation of depressed fracture of Tibial condyles
vutukuru sri ravindranath 24-26

Orthopaedic Image

Protrusio Acetabuli Prosthetica – a cause of a pelvic mass presenting to the gynaecologist
Raumeen Gani, Savvas Andronikou 27-28

Letter to Editors

Percutaneous Needle Tenotomy for Tendo-achillis Release in Clubfoot – A Response
Sarthak Patnaik 29
Percutaneous Needle Tenotomy for Tendo-achillis Release in Clubfoot- Authors' Reply PDF
Sandeep Patwardhan, Ashok K Shyam, Parag Sancheti 29

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