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Case 2 – JOCR Oct – Dec 2011


Case 2 – JOCR Oct – Dec 2011

Intraosseous Ganglion Cyst of Scaphoid treated by Curettageand Bone Grafting: Case report and Review

Saurabh Jain1, Anil Kumar Jain1, Ish Kumar Dhammi1, Puneet Mishra1, Prasant Modi1

1 Dept of Orthopaedics GTB hospital and UCMS, Delhi, India*

Address of Correspondance
Dr Saurabh Jain
Dept of Orthopaedics
GTB hospital and UCMS, Delhi, India -110095
Email –


Introduction – Intraosseous ganglions, althoughshare same pathology as the soft tissue ganglionsare rare entities, further rare in carpals. Cases of intraosseous ganglions are reported in literature mostly in lower limbs and lunate among carpals, with treatment options ranging from curettage and grafting to calcium phosphate cement injection and finally to arthroscopic treatment.

Case report – Here, we present a case of 2 yearsfollow up of 40 years old female with nonspecific clinical finding of wrist and slight limitation of restriction of motion, diagnosed as intraosseous ganglion cyst of scaphoid. This case was treated with curettage and bone grafting having excellent results with visual and analog pain scores reduced from 68 to 11 and range of motion was 90° extension to 80°flexion and full grip strength.

Conclusion – Intraosseous ganglion cyst should be considered in differential diagnosis of chronic dull wrist pain because they produce disabling symptoms which ceases once adequately treated by curettageand bone grafting.

Keywords: Intraosseous Ganglion; scaphoid,curettage and bone grafting

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