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Bilateral Traumatic Anterior Dislocation of Shoulder – A Rare Entity


Bilateral Traumatic Anterior Dislocation of Shoulder – A Rare Entity

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 1.Presentation and management of bilateral traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation?

2.Unique mechanism of injury for this rare phenomenon? 

Case Report | Volume 3 | Issue 1 | JOCR Jan – March 2013 | Page 23-25

Authors: Yashavantha Kumar C[1],  Nalini K B[1],Lalit Maini[2], Prashanth Nagaraj[1]

[1] MSR Medical College, Bangalore-560054, INDIA.
[2] Maulana Azad Medical college and associated Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi,India.

Address of Correspondence: Dr Yashavantha Kumar C. No 20, Sri Tiru Nivas, Lotte Golla Halli, Near Gandhi school, RMV II STAGE, Bangalore -94. India. Email:


Introduction: Bilateral shoulder dislocation are most commonly posterior type. These are most commonly due to seizure disorder and electrocution. Anterior shoulder dislocations occurring bilaterally without any predisposing factors are very rare. These types of injuries are due to trauma with a unique mechanism of injury. To best of our knowledge there are only few cases of similar kind are reported in literature. We hereby report a interesting case of posttraumatic, bilateral  anterior dislocation of shoulder without  associated fracture in a 45 old women without any predisposing pathoanatomy.

Case Report:  A 45-year-old women presented to casualty with sudden onset of  pain and restriction of movement in both shoulders fallowing trauma. Immediately post trauma she had severe pain and restriction of both shoulders.  On examination arms were abducted and externally rotated. Bilateral shoulder movements were painful and restricted . There was loss of round contour of shoulder with increased vertical diameter of axilla anteriorly. Radiological examination revealed bilateral anterior dislocation of the shoulders without any associated fractures. Closed reduction done by Milch technique after intraraticular lignocaine injection.  MRI of bilateral shoulder showed no pathological lesion. Both shoulders were immobilized with a shoulder immobilizer for three weeks.

Conclusion: Most of the bilateral shoulder dislocations are posterior type seen in seizure disorders. Bilateral traumatic anterior shoulder dislocations are rare and are seen as a result of unique mechanism of injury. In our case patient had a fall on her  elbows causing forced extension. If diagnosed and treated promptly completely normal function of the shoulders can be restored.

Keywords: Bilateral; dislocation; traumatic; shoulder

How to Cite This Article: Yashwantha KC, Nalini KB, Maini Lalit, Nagaraj P. Bilateral traumatic anterior dislocation of shoulder, a rare entity. Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports 2013 Jan-March;3(1):23-25.Available from



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