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A Case of Simultaneous Bilateral Anterior Shoulder Dislocation


A Case of Simultaneous Bilateral Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

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 1. Rare presentation of Simultaneous Bilateral Anterior Dislocation (SBAD) of Shoulder Joint?

2. Presentation and management of this injury?

Case Report: Volume 3 | Issue 2 | JOCR April – June 2013 | Page 35-37 | Patil MN

Author Mallangouda N Patil[1]

[1] BIMS, Belgaum, Karnataka, India.

Address of Correspondence:

Dr Mallangouda N Patil: BIMS, Belgaum, Karnataka, India.E-mail:


Introduction: Anterior dislocation of shoulder is commonest dislocation one encounters  in day to day Orthopaedic practice. But bilateral shoulder dislocations are relatively uncommon frequently posterior and secondary to violent muscle contraction. Simultaneous bilateral anterior dislocations of shoulder following trauma is rare occurrence.

Case Report: 35 year old male presented to emergency department with history fall by tripping on a stone (fall on outstretched hand). He complained of pain and difficulty in moving both the shoulders. On clinical examination, patient’s both upper limbs were abducted and externally rotated. Bilaterally shoulder contour was lost with flattening. Other classical signs of shoulder dislocation viz, Bryants test, Callway sign, Hamilton’s ruler test were positive. Diagnosis was confirmed on X rays. Both shoulders were reduced in emergency operation theater under general anaesthesia by Kocher’s method  and were immobilised in sling. 

Conclusion: Though bilateral shoulder dislocations are commonly posterior, usually either secondary to convulsions or electric shock, anterior dislocation has to be kept in mind , especially in post traumatic injuries. This bilateral dislocation also presents with practical problems immobilization and day to day care of patients.

 Keywords: Simultaneous, bilateral, shoulder  dislocation, traumatic


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