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Reviewers Acknowledgement & Photogallery Oct-Dec 2014


Reviewers Acknowledgement & Photogallery Oct-Dec 2014

Journal of Orthopaedic Case is the First International Journal that has started the  practice of acknowledging and publishing the names of its reviewers from the First issue itself. We believe that a successful Journal stands on four Pillars, Editorial board, Authors, Reviewers and Readers. As convention and in view of blinded peer review, reviewers remained unsung heroes with no acknowledgment in print issues of any journal. JOCR has maintained the policy of acknowledging our reviewers in every issue and from this issue we have startd printing the photos of all reviewers. This is in line with our policy of making JOCR  a personalised Journal and promoting the Author- Reviewer – Reader Network. Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports is thankful to its reviewers for their time and effort in improving the quality of the journal content.


We express our appreciation for the following reviewers (random order) for the current issue period.

Reviewer’s List October-December 2014   

Dr. Ankit Varshneya Dr. Anneh Mohammad Gharravi Dr. Apoorva Dodia
Dr. Ashok Shyam Dr. Ashwin Kasturi Dr. B. L. Khajotia
Dr. Bharat Kelkar Dr. Cagatay Ulucay Dr. Chandramohan Ravichandran
Dr. Chandrashekara C.M Dr. Dayanand B Dr. Douglas Colmenares
Dr. Farikou Ibrahima Dr. Johnnie Faircloth Dr. Jimmy Pham
Dr. Krunal Desai Dr. Kunal Shah Dr. Matthew Fletcher
Dr. Vijay Agarwal Dr. Vikram Khanna Dr. Mohammad Zulfiqar
Dr. Mohit Patralekh Dr. Mukesh Tiwari Dr. Murali S M
Dr. Nilesh Keche Dr. Nilesh Patil Dr. Pranjal Kodkani
Dr. Rasesh Desai Dr. Samir Dwidmuthe Dr. Sandeep Nema
Dr. Satyam Patel Dr. Hemendra Agrawal Dr. Siddharth Shah
Dr. Yuvaraja Murugan Dr. Tribhuwan Gaur




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