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JOCR Best Reviewers for the Year 2018-2019


JOCR Best Reviewers for the Year 2018-2019





Commentary by Reviewer


Thank you very much for the award.

It was my honour to serve as a reviewer for prestigious JOCR. It was a pleasant and nice experience to work with JOCR team. My reviews were respected given weightage and feedback promptly about the decision of Editorial Board.
In my opinion JOCR should entertain Original articles, Review articles, case series besides Case Reports and strive for indexation with other databases.
Online review system would be better if adopted by the JOCR. Peer reviewers Links to Publons would encourage other reviewer to serve as peer reviewer for JOCR. Reviewers must be issued an on line certificate of review after each review.
Research and publications serve to improve patient care ultimately and must be encouraged and facilitated.

Dr. Faaiz Ali Shah
Assistant Professor Orthopaedics & Traumatology
Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar Pakistan.


Thank you so much JOCR team and editors for selecting me as one of the best reviewer.

It means a lot to me being associated with the prestigious journal.

It is one of the best indexed journal reviewed by many PGs as well as consultants.the containts of articles we are getting for publications is really academically helpful to all orthopaedicians.

We need to focus more in research oriented publications and if possible motivate and help our colleagues to research which is I feel is lacking in India.

I had wonderful experience as a reviewer and feel proud to be in the reviewer team. Also I get to learn many new things while reviewing the journal. I wish JOCR to be the top most viewed journal all over the globe.
We should focus more on new cases and treatment methodologies to be oublished and inspire our young PG students to come forward in research, so that along with them JOCR gets more recognition. We should also have Indian registry as there is lot of work happening in India which is not documented. I always want to be the part of the JOCR team and ready for any kind of academic work.

Best luck
Dr. Harshad Adhav
Orthopaedic, Joint replacement surgeon &
Arthroscopy specialist.
Vedant ( Nehete ) Hospital,
Shreehari Kute marg
Near Mumbai naka, Nashik. India.


Thank you for your mail. I am delighted to learn that I have selected as one of the best three reviewers of JOCR for the year 2018-19.

My experience as a reviewer of JOCR has been good. The process of submission of review is simple i.e., by email only. The case reports reviewed so far have been interesting and had learning values in it.

JOCR is on a solid platform now and should plan to make a jump from here. It can be done by increasing the frequency of its publication from bimonthly to monthly or so. The issues should be published on time or before time. JOCR should plan the issue theme based and publish some invited articles, related to the theme.

The reviews must be structured and a bit elaborate. Must include a small write up about the case, its strong and weak points and the reason for the decision must be given by the reviewers.

Research and Publications are now optional but mandatory for the survival and enhancement in our professional career. The popular phrase “publish or perish” describes it well. But now we should believe in “publish and prosper”, as there are multiple advantages of doing research and publication. The endpoint of any research is a publication!

Dr. Raju Vaishya
Professor and Senior Consultant Orthopaedics
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi 110076. India.

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